When it comes to great-tasting nutrition, broccoli is an all-star food with many health benefits. While low in calories, broccoli is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, in addition to fiber.

This popular vegetable has a wide variety of nutritional and medicinal benefits, including its ability to prevent many types of cancer, improve our digestive system, lower cholesterol, detoxify the body, and maximize vitamin and mineral uptake. Broccoli also prevents allergic reactions, boosts the immune system, protects the skin, prevents birth defects, lowers blood pressure, eliminates inflammation, and improves vision and ocular health.


Broccoli can taste quite dry when eaten raw, and watch out if it’s overcooked—you’ll end up with some very mushy florets, but bacon and cheese just makes everything better doesn’t it?

Make low carb Bacon Broccoli Casserole! Thank you for this one, Butter Is Not a Carb




6c fresh broccoli, chopped

8oz cream cheese

3oz shredded cheddar cheese, divided

3 slices thick cut bacon

1oz yellow onion, chopped

1/4c green onion, diced







Pre-heat the oven to 350°F.

Chop the yellow and dice the green onions; add to a mixing bowl and set aside.

Use your preferred method to cook the bacon. I cook mine between two sheets of paper towels on a plate in the microwave for 4 minutes until crispy. Let cool and then crumble; set aside.

Chop the broccoli florets off the stalks and into smaller pieces; add to the mixing bowl with the onions.

Soften the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds; add to the mixing bowl.

Add 1/2 of the shredded cheddar cheese to the mixing bowl along with salt and pepper.

Use a spatula to combine all the ingredients together.

Spray an 8×8 glass baking dish with non-stick spray.

Pour the broccoli mixture into the baking dish; top with the crumbled bacon and remaining cheddar cheese.

Bake for 25 minutes until the cheese is melted and slightly golden brown.


Nutrtional Information


Per serving:

189 calories,

6g total carbs,

4g net carbs,

15g fat,

9g protein


Broccoli is one of my favorite low carb vegetables. And, it goes perfectly with bacon. What’s your favorite dish to make with broccoli and bacon?

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